Take time

Prendre le temps

Taking care of yourself is necessary. Everyone knows it. However, it is not easy. You have to take the time to do this and for all humans, time is a limited resource .

With our many responsibilities and our desire to do well in all aspects of our lives, it's easy to forget to recharge our batteries and neglect our mental and physical health. Considering the limited aspect of time and the need to face up to your responsibilities to lead a good life and feel up to it, it is essential to take the time it takes to heal ourselves mentally and physically so that we can be our best.

Abraham Lincoln, one of the greatest ands leaders in modern history and man ​​very famous for being skilled in human relations, said: Let me be given six hours to cut down a tree, I will spend four hours preparing my ax. This says , the events we experience inevitably leave traces.

The feelings experienced during and because of these events will elicit reactions which will modify our behavior of positive or negative way. It is often very subtle. This is why it is important to be aware and listen to our emotions.

De bon s mo ye n s to be alert to these emotional fluctuations is to talk to people you trust and take a moment to take stock of our day . Even if our living conditions remain the same, a better perception of its reality leads to a better quality of life. And if we are feeling well, it is much more likely that we can change our living conditions for the better. It's about breaking the vicious circle.

Many people find comfort in denial and avoidance behaviors without even realizing it. Just to listen to yourself. To take the time to do so.

- Olivier

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