Performance anxiety

L’anxiété de performance

It's Monday night and I'm sitting at my computer writing an article on performance anxiety. I am very excited about the idea of ​​writing because I know this subject well, it is familiar to me, but I also find it intriguing, even mysterious. So I'm starting to do more research on the authors and specialists in the field. When I start writing, I can't do it. I do it a few times, from a number of different angles, but it's never to my liking. I erase and start over at least a dozen times, it discourages me. I want my article to please readers, and above all, I don't want to attract negative reviews by going against their perceptions, however numerous they may be. And then, that's when I realize I'm having performance anxiety writing this article, ironic isn't it?

This is a real life example of how performance anxiety affects more people than you think. As hypocritical as she is, she can get to you without you even realizing it. Whether it is related to your educational, professional, family, sexual, athletic, social or other background, it is watching you every day.

Over the course of my life, by the way not very long, I must admit, I have had to deal with performance anxiety far too often for my liking. in several domains. She and I got to know each other very well. She slyly attacks me in my vulnerable moments.

I have thought about this a lot and asked myself the question: But, why? Why is this happening to me? Why am I under this pressure? Why am I doing this to myself? And that's when I realized that I was the source of my performance anxiety. And not only am I the source, but I am also the solution.

It all starts with me. I inflict performance tags on myself. I decide whether or not to adhere to the performance standards.

From the moment I realized that I was the key to getting through this, I learned to take a step back when I was feeling anxious. I am sharing with you a little tip that I use every day, feel good whether to try it or not.

When I experience an emotion of stress or anxiety, I stop and take time for myself. More concretely, I stop from doing what I am doing. I try to find a quiet place, with little external stimulation. I take deep breaths so that I can focus on myself and not on the task at hand. Then I try to recognize the emotion that is going through me. I'm trying to find the cause of this emotion, which is why I am experiencing this emotion at this precise moment. Finally, I try to find an alternative to stress to alleviate my discomfort.

Okay, it's true that it might sound like a mundane process, but I swear it works! It's simple, fast, efficient and most importantly accessible whether you're at work, at school, on the bus or anywhere else.

Sometimes just reconnecting with yourself, taking a moment to stop and understand the cause of your unhappiness can decrease anxiety.

I will share with you another thing that I really like.One small step at a time, I compare myself to the performance I gave yesterday and I wonder if I am able to take one more small step to improve myself If not, I say to myself that I did the best I can and that's the important thing. Now that I compare myself with myself and not with others, I notice my progress more and experience a lot less performance anxiety in all fields.

It took a lot for me to write these words, to share a small part of my vulnerability with you. However, if I could help even one person with my testimony as well as my personal journey, I would be amply satisfied.

In short, reconnect with yourself to take good care of yourself.

Laurence xx


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