Do you know your coffee well?

Connais-tu bien ton café?

Coffee: do you know it well?

First of all, what do we really know about coffee?

Well yes ladies and gentlemen, is the hour of the moment educational ( and strong fun !! ) of the day : questions and answers!

  • Does coffee dehydrate?

In made , a cup is composed of 98% water . Although coffee can have see of effects diuretics , the drink does dehydrate not since any loss in fluid will be offset by the intake high in water of the beverage .

  • Is coffee addictive?

Caffeine is considered a drug, yes, but can you become addicted to it? No. However, it can lead to "withdrawal effects" which can lead to unwanted side effects such as fatigue, anxiety and / or headaches. If we reduce our daily intake, the effects subside.

  • How much can I consume per day?

The maximum tolerable intake of an average adult is 400mg per day ( this does not include pregnant women… nor adolescents / children ).

Is 400mg a lot? There is just under 200mg in an 8oz (1 cup) roast and ground filter coffee.

  • Can you find caffeine elsewhere?

That's for sure!

Indeed, we can find caffeine in tea, chocolate, soft drinks as well as energy drinks.

- Laurence


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